Road to the Money Performance Numbers as of 24 November 2012

The weekly Bet-with-El picks are >80% in the money!  See  SCORE CARD summary table below for the Road-to-the-Money System as of Saturday 24 November 2012.  A detailed summary including a table that shows the Sum of Pays/Costs/ROM for W/P/S $2 Bets on Bet-with-El W/P/S Picks to Date is provided weekly to all who signup and opt in to our VIP email list.

The Score Card tracks performance of Win, Place and Show picks, with an additional feature of showing Long Shot performance.    

You may request a copy of the spreadsheet that we use to score our results each week.   Please send your request for the RTM Score Card Spreadsheet to  

W/P/S PICK PERCENTAGES and NUMBERS       As Of               11-24-2012 % vs  xxx  
Total Number of Races   20 100%
Number of Horses Picked W/P/S   30 100%
In-the-Money vs Number Horses Picked – W,P,S   26 87%
Out-of-the-Money vs Horses Picked – W,P,S   4 13%
Win Pays vs Number of Races    10 50%
Place Pays vs Number of Races    19 95%
Show Pays vs Number of Races    26 130%
Long Shot Pays vs Number of Long Shots Picked   4 100.00%


1 $2 Bets are placed on All W/P/S El Picks and below (i.e., Win is also bet Place and Show).
2 Horses coming in higher than picked are counted as IN-THE-MONEY but their HIGHER PAY is not counted
3 Pays for horses coming in higher than picked ARE NOT COUNTED
4 Longshots are picked and  bet as Place and Show only
5 Longshot pays are a part of W,P,S pays, but are also identified separately in AVERAGE PAY table
6 Horses NOT IN THE MONEY are COSTED for each bet placed, i.e., Picked to win but Out of Money is $2 cost each for W, P, S.
7 El has found EXACTAS too high risk and as of  17 NOV 2012 will not include EXACTAS in her picks.

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