Road-to-the-Money Performance Numbers as of 20 October 2012

Road-to-the-Money Performance Numbers as of last Saturday, 20 October 2012 are provided below.  These numbers have also been sent to our VIP list  in our weekly Newsletter.

Please note that we are working to ensure these numbers that reflect our results are 100% correct.  The number in the newsletter this week stating  88% In-the-Money was correct.   The number that was contained in the newsletter for our out of the money picks stated 8% and it was not correct.  That number should have been 12% as shown below.   I have corrected the links in our Score Card tracking spreadsheet.  You may request a copy of our Score Card spreadsheet from

PICK PERCENTAGES and NUMBERS      As Of 10/20/2012 % vs  xx    ***
Total Number of Races     15 100%
Number of Horses Picked     25 100%
In-the-Money vs Number Horses Picked – A     22 88%
Out-of-the-Money vs Horses Picked – B     3 12%
Win Pays vs Number of Races      9 60%
Place Pays vs Number of Races      16 107%
Show Pays vs Number of Races      22 147%
Exacta Pays vs Number of Exactas Picked      3 60%
(1)  Horses picked and scratched are no count (2) All Exactas are Boxed (3)  Long Shots are Place and Show bets only
1 $2 Bets are placed on All El Picks and below (i.e., Win is also bet Place and Show).
2 Exactas are $2 Bets and always boxed.   i.e., cost of an Exacta bet is $4
3 Each Exacta will be listed separately in the score sheet
4 Horses picked only for Exacta are NOT COUNTED IN-THE-MONEY unless they MAKE THE EXACTA
5 Horses coming in higher than picked are counted as IN-THE-MONEY but their HIGHER PAY is not counted
6 Pays for horses coming in higher than picked ARE NOT COUNTED
7 Longshots are picked and  bet as Place and Show only
8 Horses NOT IN THE MONEY are COSTED for each bet placed, i.e., Picked to win but Out of Money is $2 cost each for W, P, S.


 To Date: Road-to-the-Money BWE Average Pay per $2 Bet/Avg Return on the Money %
 $     5.27 163.33%    $        3.48 73.75%    $       3.12 56.14%    $   21.00 425.00%
 Average WIN Pay   ROM     Average PLACE Pay   ROM    Average SHOW Pay ROM   Exacta ROM


Sum of Pays for $2 Bets on All Bet-with-El Picks to Date
          Total $$  Pay     Total $$ ROM Total Costs**   Dollars Ahead
TO WIN:  $ 47.40      $     38.60 (14.00)    $        24.60
No. Pays 9              
TO PLACE:  $ 55.60      $     23.60 (14.00)    $          9.60
No. Pays 16              
TO SHOW:  $ 68.70      $     24.70 (4.00)    $        20.70
No. Pays 22              
EXACTA:  $ 63.00     51.00 (12.00)    $        39.00
No. Pays 3                
              TOTAL AHEAD on $2 Bets  $        93.90
**Costs are the $2 Bets wagered and lost.

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