Ranking Data Supplier Technical Difficulties

To all viewers/members:

You may be aware that the data supplier that we use for generating our daily rankings/handicapping orders of finish suffered MAJOR technical difficulties beginning on Wednesday this week.   They have been off line until late today and are now in process of restoring full service.

Consequently, beginning Wednesday, we have been unable to provide our customers the RANKINGS/HANDICAPPING order of finish that we post every day for all active North American tracks and were also unable to generate the STATS on ALBERT’s Ranking Performance.    The good news as of this posting is that with our data supplier is coming back on line and we have just put up rankings for all active major tracks/races for today  forward.

And also due to the data supplier problem, we were unable to generate Bet-with-El Part 1 FREE this week.  However, we have been able to provide a work around for Bet-with-El Part 2 PREMIUM and we have posted El’s picks and wagering strategy in Bet-with-El Members Only for Premium Members.

We regret any inconvenience.   Subscribers should contact our support desk for any time that you were unable to access our services.   Support will add compensating time to your subscription.

Thank You.

Email:  Support@horseraceadvantage.com

Phone:  888-885-9934 or direct: 202-251-0021