HorseRaceAdvantage News Flash 18 October 2012

Announcing  a NEW weekly POST to our News and Major Events page.  The ongoing PERFORMANCE NUMBERS for our Road-to-the-Money (RTM) System and the RECAP of results of the weekly Bet-with-El analysis, will be posted on News and Major Events page for ALL TO SEE.  Both our FREE MEMBERSHIPS and our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS have access to these posts.  Now, anyone who views our website will see this information.

We begin with our Road-to-the-Money (RTM) Performance numbers as of Saturday 13 October below.  We will include the weekly Bet-with-El race recap in our next weekly post.

PICK PERCENTAGES and NUMBERS As Of 10/13/2012 % vs  xx    **
Total Number of Races 14 100%
Number of Horses Picked 24 100%
In-the-Money vs Number Horses Picked – A 22 92%
Out-of-the-Money vs Horses Picked – B 2 8%
Win Pays vs Number of Races  10 71%
Place Pays vs Number of Races  14 100%
Show Pays vs Number of Races  21 150%
(1)  Horses picked and scratched are no count (2) All Exactas are Boxed (3)  Long Shots are Place and Show bets only


 To Date: Road-to-the-Money BWE Average Pay per $2 Bet/Avg Return on the Money %
 $     5.86 193.00%  $        3.53 76.67%  $       3.29 59.76%
 Average WIN Pay  ROM  Average PLACE Pay  ROM Average SHOW Pay ROM


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