Bet-with-El RECAP Saturday 28 December 2013

We regret to report that the weather overtook the races at  Hawthorne this last Saturday.  All  races after the 4th race were cancelled, when unseasonable warm conditions caused a thaw of the track surface making for unsafe racing conditions.  There was a serious spill in the 4th, when a horse miss-stepped in the turn.  We suspect that the spill caused the track stewards to take a closer look at the track condition and decided to better be safe than sorry and cancell remaining races.

Consequently, we did not get to the 7th race to see the Bet-with-El pick run.  We appreciate the stewards’ caution.   We look forward to this coming Saturday, 4 January and a great start in 2014 Betting with El.   We hope to see you there!