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Do you love watching horse races? Do you like to Beat the Odds wagering on horse races? Have you ever been able to make a profit from attending one of these exciting events? Whether you’ve had experience betting on horse races or not, we can save you time and reduce your risks in Beating the Odds at the track. Why not let us help you Beat the Odds, get in the money and come out ahead?

Our website helps you with everything you need to come out ahead at thoroughbred horse races. We have daily rankings and statistics for all races at all major tracks in North America and handicapping information to help you reduce your workload and risks in Beating the Odds betting off track or at live racing meets. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

We can help make your horse race picks more successful for you. Our handicapping expert software algorithm “Albert” cuts workload for you and helps you become better at picking winners. Albert generates RANKINGS for all horses in a race using best and CONSISTENT techniques for making the highest percentage of winning predictions. We add to that STATISTICS on how well “Albert” performs at each track!

Our experts have years of experience with horse racing and expert software development. Their tips will help you pick winners and come out ahead. With our statistical knowledge and excellent software systems, we can assist you in making the best pick decisions you could possibly imagine.

Handicapping Horse Races

By utilizing our site, The Horse Race Advantage Company can assist you when it comes to handicapping horse races. For those of you who are new to horse racing, this process is all about predicting how each horse is going to race in upcoming events. Experience with our site over time will help you become skilled at picking horses in the money and placing winning bets or wagers.

We make our daily predictions by using our special handicapping algorithm called “Albert.” In our “Road-to-the-Money System”, all horses in every thoroughbred race in North America are ranked every active race day with relative ranking numbers. Because this database is updated every day, you are assured that we only use the most current information. For every horse, Albert calculates its ranking relative to all the other horses in the race and transforms that ranking into a 100% scale. Then, all of the horses are put in order (i.e., 1, 2, 3…..x.) depending on their Albert ranking. This list for each race is available on our “Rankings” page categorized by date, track, and race. Additionally, we keep statistics on how well Albert performs at each track. In the “Statistics” page we have a weekly summary of number of races run at a track, the % in the money for “Albert’s Picks”, %Win, %Place, %Show and other information.

Access to our rankings every day makes it much easier for you to Beat the Odds picking horses to be in the money and come out ahead. Our advanced software algorithm Albert takes into account horse performance history, trainer, and jockey statistics and other significant factors that affect a horse’s ability to win a race. Our Road-to-the-Money System with Albert can help you come up with the most probable winner in a race and Beat the Odds at the track.

Our handicapping expert, El Gianoulis, is a horse owner, breeder and racer with many years of experience at the track and handicapping. She is also an extraordinary aerospace systems analyst with years of aerospace engineering experience in software and statistics. El’s combined knowledge of thoroughbred horses and horse racing, her analytical skills and abilities give her advantages that we pass on to you! In our weekly Bet-with-El videos, El selects a race for Saturday of that week using our Road-to-the-Money System. She then demonstrates her in depth horse by horse analysis and handicapping of that race providing her picks and wagering strategy for the race. Bet-with-El has been 70+% in the money since our launch in July 2012.

Off Track Betting Tips

When it comes to off track betting, we will help you make the best possible decisions. Although we are not a betting or wagering site, we provide you with a “Road-to-the-Money System” that will help you make winning picks and wagering strategies. If you want to improve your chances of winning, we have five free videos available that can help you. All free members are eligible to receive these videos. You get the first one when you sign up for a free membership through our website by clicking “Get A Free Account” above and will allow you to get started right away. The other 4 videos will be sent to you to help you increase your knowledge of off track betting techniques and our Road-to-the-Money System.

Every week you can bet with El. Our “Bet-with-El” program is great for both beginners and for more experienced handicappers. Our Company’s handicapper in chief, El Gianoulis, chooses and analyzes a Saturday race and track using our Road-to-the-Money System. Each week El records a two part video of this analysis. Bet-with-El Part 1 FREE is available to all members free of charge. This helps you get started without having to pay a penny!

El continues with part two of the program which is accessible to premium subscribers. In this Bet-with-El Part 2 PREMIUM video, El helps serious horse race enthusiasts improve their chances of landing a winning bet. She goes through a detailed horse by horse analysis of the race that she picked in the Bet-with-El Part 1 FREE video. After carefully choosing one or more horses, our top handicapping expert suggests effective wagering strategies for her picks. By making this recording available to all premium subscribers, El helps our premium members Beat the Odds picking horses in the money to come out ahead.

With our program ranking all races at all major tracks in North America every day, off track betting will be much easier for you. With help from our rankings using our services, you can develop effective horse picks and wagering strategy skills to improve your Return on Investment and come out ahead!

Horse Racing Picks

On our site we give you all the horse racing information you need to pick winners and horses in the money! Providing you with handicapped race information that is categorized by track makes it much easier for you to wager on horses at the track of your choice. This information includes important details including each horse’s handicapped ranking and relative strength in the race, program number, trainer, jockey, speed ratings and other important information.

By keeping up on all of the horse racing news and statistics, we are able to increase your experience when it comes to this hobby. In addition to providing you with all the specifics about the horse races, we offer extremely helpful advice to you. We know how hard it is to actually pick a winner. We believe that it’s not just about getting lucky. It’s about using consistent and proven techniques that get results. Such techniques are “built in” to our ranking algorithm, Albert. Additionally, we bring our subscribers videos by our Handicapper in Chief, El Gianoulis, discussing the important factors that go into successful handicapping. These Handicapping Videos, for Premium Members Only, are excellent for beginners as well as experienced horse race fans. Our system and information can help cut your risk of losing at the track!

Our DISCOUNTED PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTIONS bring YOU every day access to rankings for all races at all active major tracks, plus the weekly Bet-with-El for Members Only and the Handicapping Video Series for Members Only. Don’t miss our outstanding value, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!


El with CPurfection

Eleonora Gianoulis is the Handicapper-In-Chief and Director of Handicapping Technical Operations for The Horse Race Advantage Company (THRA). She is a former aerospace engineer and software analyst for one of the largest aerospace companies in the United States. Together with Lary Smith, El co-founded FORELL Enterprises, Inc., and is now concentrating her advanced technical knowledge and statistical prowess by developing state-of-the-art predictive, handicapping software, such as “Albert”, for The Horse Race Advantage Company. El also conceived of the unique Road-to-the-Money System which was developed to assist the handicapping community by providing a structured process for capitalizing on key statistical data provided in the weekly Bet-with-El analysis. El resides in Kentucky and is a horse owner, breeder and racer.
Lary Smith

Lary Smith is Chairman and Director of Business Operations of The Horse Race Advantage Company (THRA). As a former U.S. naval officer and aerospace engineer he became a small business entrepreneur and co-founded FORELL Enterprises, Inc., a developer of advanced software technologies under the auspices of the U.S. government. Having a life-long interest in mathematics and statistics he has continued his many business interests by co-founding THRA. Lary is committed to the accuracy and quality of the information provided to the horse race community and will offer only the best daily thoroughbred race ranking service on the North American continent.



Linda Gregory

Linda Gregory is a key member of the horseraceadvantage.com technical team. As a systems engineer at FORELL Enterprises, Inc. she gained a broad background working on research projects applying advanced intelligent agent software to a variety of problems. Additionally, keeping up with two exceptional students in college, Linda is continually exposed  to rapid advancements in internet and social media technology domains. Linda brings her exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities to the daily support of our horseraceadvantage.com customers.



John A. Kreuzer, a retired Senior Marketing and Program Manager for Hughes Aircraft in Fullerton California and continuing consultant in the Aerospace Industry played a key role in getting the Horse Race Advantage on line handicapping service started. Mr. Kreuzer, a business associate and colleague of El and her business partner at FORELL Enterprises, Inc. became aware of El’s background in thoroughbred handicapping while participating in marketing activities at a US Missile Defense symposium in Huntsville, Alabama. John, a horse race aficionado then requested that El handicap for him for his next visit to the track. Following a very successful day at Del Mar using El’s handicapping results, John recommended that El “bottle and sell her thoroughbred handicapping skills”. We have taken John’s recommendation and bring you our online handicapping service that capitalize on El’s knowledge skills and abilities in thoroughbred handicapping and her extraordinary analysis skills as an aerospace systems and software engineer.